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Gingham/Plaid Mini Boxer Combo! Includes Wallet

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This is a handbag, snap wallet, and keychain matching set! We designed and applied the gingham pattern to a Mini Boxer bag, and the wallet and keychain received the same gingham pattern. Red glitter vinyl with a black gingham pattern was used, and it was topped off with patent black piping.

One of the first things I wanted to do once we had the ability to create our own patterns on vinyl, was make an all-over patterned bag. One where the pattern crosses seams, and the pattern still flows from piece to piece, although it would never be perfect on something with rounded corners. I knew it wouldn’t be that easy, but I had to at least try it! I created a black gingham pattern in Adobe Illustrator, and then that pattern was applied onto ruby red glitter vinyl using our UV printer. If these All-Over patterned bags are well received, we will definitely be doing more of them. The initial set-up of laying out the gingham on the handbag pattern pieces in Illustrator on the computer takes a ton of time. But once it’s created, tested, and saved, it makes replicating each bag very easy!