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Texas Twinkle Taco - Taco Shaped Clutch/Wristlet

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Our tacos are handcrafted in Texas! This vinyl wristlet/clutch measures 11"x5"x3" overall. The interior portion is about 8" at the widest, and 4" at the tallest. For reference, a smartphone with case that measures 6.5"x3.25" will fit inside with the zipper closed. It comes with a black nylon wrist strap. A vinyl strap printed to match the taco toppings is available as an option! We used a green zipper that matches the lettuce, along with nickel plated hardware.

These tacos are made by Double K Originals, in Texas! We have a professional Roland UV printer that can print directly onto our glitter vinyl, using flexible inks that chemically bond to the surface of the vinyl. We took pictures of actual flour tortillas (with the burn marks), lettuce, cheese, tomato, and beef/veggie crumble. We then took those pictures, manipulated them in Adobe Illustrator, applied them to our own custom patterns, and printed all the ingredients on top of our white glitter vinyl. Because the ink is slightly transparent, some of the glitter flakes still shine through! Hence, the TEXAS TWINKLE TACO!